changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

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changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

The style of your hair says a lot about you. If you have maintained the same hair style for many years because you worry about trying something new, now is the time to let go and explore the many styles available. Finding a hair stylist that you trust and feel comfortable communicating with is important in changing your hair style. I have worked with several stylists to help gather the information you need to find yourself a stylist with the abilities and skills needed for you to fee comfortable with. Change the way you look, feel and present yourself by changing your hair style this year.



4 Things The Maid Of Honor Can't Forget On Morning Of The Wedding

Are you serving as the maid of honor in your friend or loved one's wedding? If so, you have a lot of big responsibilities. In the lead-up to the wedding, you need to plan the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. You also may need to help your friend with some of the final planning tasks. Your job isn't over on the day of the wedding. The morning before the ceremony is often a fast-paced and stressful time. Here are four things you can do for the bride to make the day stress-free and more enjoyable:

Organize a healthy breakfast. It's going to be a busy day. Being hungry will only make the day more stressful and make you, the bride, and the rest of the bridesmaids more irritable. You can avoid these problems by organizing a healthy breakfast or brunch. If you'll be busy getting makeup service, try to find someplace that will deliver and possibly set up a small buffet. With a full stomach, the bride and the rest of the group will be ready to start the day.

Get the room ready for the photographer. Many brides want candid pre-ceremony pictures of the group as they're getting ready. At some point in the afternoon, the photographer will show up to take those pictures. You can save time and keep the group on schedule by having the room clean and ready. The bride won't want food wrappers, water bottles, and other clutter in the background. Recruit a couple of bridesmaids to help you keep the room clear.

Pack a makeup bag for the bride. There may be lots of tears during the ceremony. You can help keep everyone picture-ready by packing a small makeup bag and taking it with you. If you have a makeup team like Adevia SpaSalon coming in to provide on-site bridal services, ask the artist for the shades that he or she is using. They'll probably be happy to help you pack a small kit so you can help everyone touch-up later.

Charge everyone's phone. Yes, there will be a photographer taking pictures at the ceremony. However, the bride and the rest of the party will likely want to take their own pictures throughout the day. There's nothing worse than having your phone die right in the middle of the party. You can prevent that from happening by bringing several chargers to the bridal suite. That way everyone - especially the bride - can get one last good charge before you leave for the ceremony.

Talk to your bride about what specifically she needs or wants the morning of the wedding. That way you can be prepared to help make it an enjoyable day.