changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

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changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

The style of your hair says a lot about you. If you have maintained the same hair style for many years because you worry about trying something new, now is the time to let go and explore the many styles available. Finding a hair stylist that you trust and feel comfortable communicating with is important in changing your hair style. I have worked with several stylists to help gather the information you need to find yourself a stylist with the abilities and skills needed for you to fee comfortable with. Change the way you look, feel and present yourself by changing your hair style this year.



Just A Little Trim: A Homemaker's Guide To A Cosmetology Career

As a homemaker, do you cut your family's hair? Maybe you trim your girls' bangs or make sure your boys have a neat cut for school pictures. Have you ever wondered if it would be worth it to cut hair in order to earn extra income for your family? Before you start a business page on social media, here are a few things you should know.

Professional hairdressers are required to have a license. A cosmetology license can be obtained by either going to beauty school or having an apprenticeship. Each state requires a different minimum number of classroom hours as well as experience. This is a profession that takes time and training to do properly, and not everyone with kids to practice on is fully prepared for the commitment of getting licensed.

There are hair cutting classes that you can take. If you are just looking to hone your skills in order to do a better job trimming your family's hair, there are hair cutting classes offered at the local Cannella School of Hair Design that you can audit, or take without receiving credit. There are also many online courses that are available for people wanting to learn the basics of hair styling.

It's never too late to pursue your dreams. While there is an initial investment and time commitment when it comes to changing careers, or beginning a new one, some things are simply worth doing. After the initial training, becoming a hairstylist is a career that offers the flexibility of being your own boss, as well as the satisfaction of helping someone to look their best. If this appeals to you, taking the time to seek professional training may be exactly what you need to do.

Financial assistance may be available. Cosmetology programs for hairstylists typically cost between $8000 and $20,000 to complete. However, many community colleges and vocational training centers offer programs in cosmetology. Because this is a true degree path, you may be eligible for financial assistance such as government backed loans, Pell Grants, and other academic incentives. Check with the admissions department of your school in order to find out if financial assistance is offered to students at your school. Apprenticeships may also pay a small stipend that can help to offset the cost of some of the classes that you will need to take in order to cut hair professionally.

Whether you are pursuing a new career path or simply wanting do a better job of trimming your family's hair, taking a hair cutting class is a great place to start.