changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

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changing your hair style - what stylist is best?

The style of your hair says a lot about you. If you have maintained the same hair style for many years because you worry about trying something new, now is the time to let go and explore the many styles available. Finding a hair stylist that you trust and feel comfortable communicating with is important in changing your hair style. I have worked with several stylists to help gather the information you need to find yourself a stylist with the abilities and skills needed for you to fee comfortable with. Change the way you look, feel and present yourself by changing your hair style this year.



Hair Styling Tips To Make Your Face Look Smaller

In today's social media age, there is often pressure to constantly feel "camera ready." It is not always an easy thing to do, especially if there is something about your appearance that you don't like. But there are some simple tricks. For example, a common complaint from women is feeling that their face is a little too big. Choosing the right hairstyle can help minimize this effect.

There are many hairstyles you can do on your own to create the illusion of a smaller face. You do not need any fancy equipment. Instead, you can achieve these looks with tools you already have. This guide provides four simple tips to help you feel great, and the best part is that they are easy to do.

Tip 1: Part Your Hair on the Side

A side part subtly hides a portion of your face, instantly creating the illusion of a smaller surface area. The part can go on the right or left, whichever side looks more natural on your head or feels more comfortable. Part your hair above the arch of your eyebrow to pull off the subtle look, or part closer to your ear for a more dramatic look.

Tip 2: Put Your Hair Up

Piling your hair up in a chic twist, ballerina bun, high ponytail, high knot, or braided crown brings height to your face, effectively slimming your overall look. Height can be achieved with simple items you likely already own, such as bobby pins, hair elastics, barrettes, clips, and hairspray.

Tip 3: Stay Away from Short Bangs

Short, blunt bangs accentuate the width of your face, often giving it a wider appearance. However, longer side bangs frame your face naturally. This frame, like a side part, hides the widest parts of your face, making it appear narrower.

Tip 4: Add Volume

Add volume to the crown of your head by lightly teasing your hair. Simply tease the hair nearest to your scalp, leaving the rest of your hair to hang smoothly. Limp hair can be overpowered by your facial proportions, but voluminous hair will balance a larger face.

To tease hair, insert a small-tooth comb into your hair just a little bit away from the scalp and comb down toward the scalp. Pull the comb straight out and repeat. Do this all the way around the top of your head.

With just a few slight changes in your beauty routine, you can incorporate these beauty tips for a smaller facial appearance. Take the time to practice a few of these tips to see what works best for you. At your next cut or color, consult with your hair stylist to stay up with the latest face slimming trends and to explore more options for your face shape. You might consider talking with a stylist like one from